Rakesh Debnath Biography

Rakesh Debnath (born 12 October 1993) is an Indian author, columnist, novelist, poet, lyricist, organizer, publisher, motivational speaker, editor, film personality, social and cultural activist, known for his Indian-Bengali poetry and social-cultural activity.

Rakesh Debnath is an outstanding writer, litterateur, organizer, social worker and cultural activist of National and International repute. He has written many books on various subjects. His literary and cultural works have won global recognition. He is also a distinguished orator of exceptional genius.



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Rakesh Debnath Biography

             It is a beautiful thing when a career & a passion come together. Mr. RakeshDebnath (the founder, editor & publisher of Rabibar Group & Rabibar Publication. He is not only a writer but also a good editor, publisher & organizer.

Rakesh Debnath is born in Gakulpur Purba Dhajanagar Village, Tripura to a Tripurian Nath family. He comes from a family of middle class. His father Narayan Debnath, is a Government Servant of Tripura State Government Employee (Social Education & Social Welfare Department). Rakesh Debnath is the eldest son of his parents and has one younger brothers and a sister. His mother Kajal Debnath has also inspired him to work in the field of literature & culture.   

He wrote many type of poems, stories, dramas, novels etc. More than his 20 book ready to publish various subjects and various languages. More than his 50 above writing published in different National and International journals. Awards and Honours have been showered upon Mr. Debnath, in recognition of his appreciable contribution in the field of Literature, Cultural and Social activity. He is good at every aspects of arts. He started writing from his childhood. He opted for writing in the field of publication. Rabibar Group (a publishing house & socio-cultural organization) has organized


 many a cultural program like competition based events, honour & award giving to the distinguished persons, book fair etc.


The “Sarovar Festival & Book Fair” which started in 2013, is a place for pleasure, fun, enjoyment & get-together. Rakesh, who came from a middle class family, did much for the spread of communal integrity, healthy cultural environment in fairs & festivals. Every year this festival is organized by RakeshDebnath. His individual achievements are as follows; Mr. RakeshDebnath is the editor & publisher of “Rabibar”, “Kheya”, “Sambad Safar”, “Tumi Nari Aparupa” etc. The “Rabibar” is the most circulated literature & science based monthly magazine in the north-east region (first published in 9th May, 2010). The “Sambad Safar” is a weekly Newspaper which is very popular in Tripura (first published in 18th Oct, 2012). Life style based magazine “Tumi Nari Aparupa” is favourite to all the young people (first published in 9th August, 2013). The “Kheya” is a research based magazine which is loved by all the intellectual people (first published in 19th May, 2014). Presently Rakesh is very much involved in these activities. As a secretary & co-coordinator of “MatriBhasha Mission”, he took a lot of initiatives to promote awareness of linguistic, cultural diversity & multilingualism. He introduced first state level Matribhasa Utsav in 2014 at Udaipur in Tripura. He was honoured with many award for the activities in the field of literature, art & culture. He has written a lot of books on various subjects.


Now Mr. Rakesh Debnath is Sub-Editor of Bangla Ek Nazar Newspaper, (West Bengal). President of Samata Sahitya Academy, West Bengal. Life Member & All India Co-ordinator of Reportes & Photgraphers Association, India. General Secretary (National) of Bharatiya Sahitya & Sanskriti Academy, India. Publisher of Rabibar Publication, Proprietor & Owner of SD Creation

(a complete house of film, short-film production), Board of Director Lions Club of Kolkata Arts & Culture, etc.


He is also known as a good social activist for poor people, every year he provides education for poor student education support and free teaching, for their education development. He motivate today’s generation to support this nation develop in literature, culture and social work. More than thousand above young generation and old general people also work his direction for support our poor people.  


He is a popular name in the field of Literature, Culture, and Social activist. He is a multi-talented man of composing performances. His work includes Organizer, Journalism, Book composing, Literature, Poetry, Lyricist, Producer, Promotion of Social and Culture, Promotion of Literacy, Education reforms etc.